RALLY 2014               Theme ‘Serving our Country’



COUNTY RALLY  Sat 26th April 2014  AT Kington Down Farm, West Kington, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 7JL  bkpo The Akermans  


Directions to Kington Down Farm –  From Chippenham take the A420 (Bristol Road), turn right onto the A4039 stay on this road for approx. 8 miles until you reach Burton.  As you leave Burton Village, just before you reach the 40mile limit sign you will come to a Y fork on the road.  Take the left fork off of the A4039 into a Lane, follow this lane for 2 miles until you come to a house on your left.  Turn directly left at the house (Kington Down Cottage) and onto the Farm track. Rally site in ½ mile at Kington Down Farm.

9.30Dry stone walling

10.00Cookery act 1

10.00Senior Floral art act area

10.00Jun Floral Art –NC   act area

10.00Ironing and boot polishBook inact area

10.00Junior beef stockjudging yard

10.00Illustrate a poem act 2

10.30Interm Beef Stockjudging yard

10.30NHS first aidBook inact 2

10.30Ewe Dagging & Sheep shearingBook inyard

10.50Paper plane act 1

11.00Senior Beef Stockjudging yard

11.00Junior Air RifleBook inback barn

11.00RABI    Book inact 2

11.00Tractor reversing  seniorBook inact 1

11.00Tractor reversing  JuniorBook inact 2

11.00Road safetyBook inyard

11.20ID morse code act 1

11.25Pipe cleaner creature act 2

11.30Fly CastingBook inmain field

11.45Lonely hearts ad act 1

12.00Flower pot man act 2

12.20ID military ranks act 1

12.30Auctioneering main ring

12.40ID Wadsworth beer act 1

1.15jun cross country surround

1.30Mountain biking surround

1.45mountain biking surround

1.30cook and eat it main ring

1.45hessian wedding dress main ring

2.00jun cook and eat it main ring

2.00repair bike puncture main ring

2.30rocket launcher surround

3.00Jnr ring events main ring

3.45Military vehicle race main ring

4.00snr ring events main ring

4.30Tug of war final main ring

5.00Prize giving